Need something different that ensures lots of social media + instagrammable marketing campaign for your advertising objectives? Consider pop up stores event truck rental for your next event. This will ensure lots media publicity that will be highly geared to your new product launch.

Pop Up Store at Louis Vuitton Marina Bay Sands.

Pop Up store event truck rental will be very useful either by a combination of Roving ( driving around to showcase your brand ), which gets lots of eyeballs and attention! it gets lots of Mentions, selfies, photo opportunities with the event truck itself, in this case for Louis Vuitton Singapore, the event truck engaged was our 23 window 1956 Volkswagen Deluxe Microbus , lovingly name as the #LVvan. check out the hastag #LVsingapore to see more photos which attracted alot of official News / PR and social media publicity across all regarded Fashion Editiorials in Singapore. After a few days of campaign, video and photoshoots, it was parked in their Flagship store at Marina Bay Sands Louis Vuitton as part of their Pop Up display for the SS18 Men’s Popup, showcasing their latest Product launches, ensuring a fast sold out of exclusively limited edition luxury fashionwares.


We have different ways to showcase your products with a flexible transformation of our Kombi Foodtrucks to support your Mobile F&B Retail Display requirements.

Pop up stores event truck rental, Kombi & vintage car rentals, Automotive retro furniture rentals are perfect for : Advertising & Promotion, Branding events, Commercials, Roadshows, Pop-up-Stores, F&B prepacked Foodtruck conversion, Roving displays, Wedding Hire, and many more.

Check out some photos of Pop Up store event truck rentals that we did in Singapore. Highly mobile and versatile, can be engaged for brand activation across all industries.