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Automotive Car themed decor furniture ! Auto Furniture Designs ( by Scoopy’s )

Pre-order your custom made Auto Furniture Designs – Automotive Car themed decor furniture !

Unique selection of hard to find, vintage rare car body parts upcycled creations into creative & eye catching car themed décor & car furniture.

Choice of Volkswagen campervan splitscreen T1 Office/ Bar Counter Tops , Volkswagen Bay Window t2 kombi bus Office / Bar Counter Tops, Volkswagen Beetle Sofas, BMC Austin Sofas, and Italian Vespa Office Chairs!

Automotive Car themed decor furnitureCreate the unique vibe & personality :

Great for:


Used Car Showrooms

Designer Showrooms

Renovation Offices

Cafe’s & Restaurants

Bars & Clubs

Boutique Hotels

Made in Singapore ! Automotive Car themed decor furniture, quality you can trust.


please give us 4 to 8 weeks for your custom made Order! FREE delivery within Singapore!

Austin Morris Mini Cooper Front Body – Sofa 


1) Pre Order : Basic Austin Morris Mini Cooper , Front Sofa $4000 ( Current Stock )(w/o grille and wheels)
– Price is inclusive of choice of ONE Spray Paint colour from our colour chart
– Price is inclusive of choice of Upholstery Colour (Twin Stripe)

2) Vintage Mini Rims & Tyres Fixture (Pair) : +$500

3) Vintage Mini Chrome Bumpers : +$300

4) Working Headlights Switch & LED (headlights can be switched on) : +$300

5) Original chrome grilles : +$300

Vespa – Office Chair 

1) Pre Order: Basic Vespa Office Chair: $1400 ( Current Stock ) Wheel Stand

2) Choose your Spray-Paint Colour +$300

3) Choose your Upholstery Colour +$300

4) Roller wheels and adjustable height +$200

Classic Beetle – European Baroque Style Armchair 

1) Pre Order: Beetle front Body, Jewel buttons , Natural Wood Trims & Legs $7000

2) Choose Wood colour $500

3) Choose Upholstery colour $500