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Kombi Volkswagen Type 2 – A Simple Guide To Identifying different variants & types of VW Aircooled Bus Models

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KOMBI Volkswagen Type 2 – A simple Guide for Aircooled Kombi VW Fans

A design sketch that gave birth to the most iconic Van – The Volkswagen Kombi

The Type 2 Volkswagen kombi was first sketched before 1950 by Dutch Volkswagen importer Sir Ben Pon . Prior to that he was already importing the

Type 1 – Volkswagen Beetle ( which was actually the brainchild of former Nazi Leader Adolf Hitler, contracted , designed & built by Ferdinand Porsche in the 1938 as an Economical mass produced functional Car ) From Wolfsburg, Germany to the Netherlands.

Sir Ben Pon’s submitted design eventually materialized in November 1949 when the first few Kombi and Panel Vans rolled out the factories of Wolfsburg VW Factory, Germany, shortly after in 1950 the Microbus and in 1951 the Deluxe Microbus or ” Samba ” model.

Kombi volkswagen type 2 - T1 Prototype

Prototype T1 Bus / Van Transporter – Whats the difference? ( It’s without the V-line & wind tunnel ) above the splitwindows that made it go faster in later models from 1950s

*** Don’t get confused with Type 1 and T1 , its different. Type 1 VW always refers to Beetle / Bug Cars, whereas T1 is actually the first generation VW kombi / bus models from 1950 to 1967.

Volkswagen Kombi – Now & Then, Bus or Van, Where & When?

Type 2 – Volkswagen Bus / Van  that we are talking about could be referred to as a Baywindow / Splitwindow /Panel Van / Single Cab Pickup / Doublecab Pickup / Highroof /Kombi / Microbus / Deluxe Samba / Barndoor , so many types yeah?? – Don’t worry we’ll get to it soon, keep reading!

*** Type 2 Volkswagens usually referrers to Bus / Vans types that are made between 1950s to 1967 ( T1 ) . 1968 to 1979 ( T2 ) German,

Beyond 1979, production of T2 actually continued in Brazil VW Factory till recently a couple of years ago it was discontinued with the Kombi Volkswagen Type 2 LAST EDITION from Brazil ( water-cooled – check out the radiator black grilles above the bumper which is missing in the aircooled models) in 2013.

Due to stringent safety regulations in Brazil laws stating that all passenger automobiles needed to have Airbags and ABS brakes which the unique design of the kombi could not accommodate, hence effectively ending its 56 years production run.

Kombi volkswagen type 2 Last Edition 2013

Limited Edition Last Production 2013 Volkswagen Kombi Watercooled. Only 600 to 1200 were produced with ID tag for Brazilian and International Collectors.

Lets use this defining moment and work backwords to learn more – watch this emotional video on Kombi’s Last Wishes, before we continue,

*** It some parts of the world, most fans refers it to a kombi as ” Bus ” or actually Microbus, but in other parts, they are refered to as ” Vans ” due to the size VS the actual modern day bus transport sizes. There are many names for a Kombi, including Transporter, Microbus, VW Van, Campervan, Splitty, Hippie-Van, Scooby-doo van etc, so many names – but we are always able to recognise one when we see it. Here’s how you can tell the difference between the models:

Kombi Volkswagen Type 2 & its different Variants

Kombi – Actually a short form German word – Kombinationskraftwagen (combination motor vehicle), always with side windows and removable rear seats, both a passenger and a light cargo vehicle.

Kombi Microbus – The same , but more focused on carrying passengers with usually better finishing and interiors.

Kombi Splitwindow

a late model T1 Splitwindow Kombi in Japan.

Kombi Microbus Deluxe Samba – A premium model back then with extra sunroof & 8 skylights marketed mainly for touring the alps with premium finishing such as open out windows, full sunroof, chrome finishings, quality interiors etc. This model is somehow now the most sought after due to its rarity, beauty & collectors value which bids as high as $300,000 USD  for a well restored original, For a van that actually only cost a couple of 1000s back in those days.


A new world record on Jan 2017 ! $300k USD, beating some new supercar prices , with old school love & classic beauty & nostalgia. You should have kept it.


To be continued…. written by Tobias Peng ( Instagram @tobiaspeng @scoopysandcream )









IcecreamVan Vintage VW @ Autoculture Car Clubs meetup 1st April 2017 Turf Club

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Ice cream Van #supericecreamtruck @ Scoopy’s & Cream

Vintage VW Highroof Ice cream Van Singapore

@ #Autoculture Mega Car Club meetup on 1st April 2017 – Location Turf Club Singapore

About 300 to 400 Cars all over Singapore gathered at this Event, All motorheads were invited – particularly Japanese styled Fast & Furious Mods & Supercars were present – and of course our quite slow ( max speed 90 to 100 KM/H ) and perhaps the oldest vehicle present – our literally cool VW Ice cream Highroof Kombi.

Our Company mission is to bring love & peace among groups & communities through Ice cream Vending, in a old but refreshing twist, esp in Sunny Singapore, where old cars are getting rarer and cool culture is gettin’ lesser’ !

ice cream van singapore

Arrived at Turf Club at 2pm on 1st April 2017 Ice cream vw van by Scoopy’s & Cream,

ice cream menu ice cream prop

Ice cream flavours of the day! check out more flavours on their ice cream menu here

Due to its location, and convenience for all members to get refreshments, our Ice cream Van was deployed !

VW ice cream Van Singapore

We met some old friends there from the automotive industry such as car garages etc,

ice cream van singapore

young ice cream vendor serving ice cream to another young boy with his Dad.

ice cream van singapore

SOLD a Lemonade ice cream sherbet!

VW Beetle

perhaps the next oldest vehicle present, besides us of course ! 😉 This beetle reminds us of TRANSFORMERS Bumblebee, when he wasn’t a pumped up Chevy!

ice cream van singapore

Ac members streaming in after parking

ice cream van singapore

Crowd forming to buy icecream

Ice cream party

looks like its gonna be an ice cream party soon ~

ice cream van singapore

ice cream always bring people together!

ice cream vendor singapore

Perhaps the youngest Ice cream Vendors gonna keep this trade alive!

ice cream vendor singapore

young ice cream vendor dishes out !

ice cream vendor singapore

young ice cream vendor still hustlin’ , his sister getting the crowd with the ole ice cream bell!

Scoopy's & Cream

family enjoying ice cream!

Whilst this ice cream Van Singapore was parked at the sides, heres the main attraction! check out supercool cars here:

Vespa Sidecar for rent in Singapore

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Looking for a Vespa Sidecar for rent in Singapore?

The cult classic Italian Scooter – The Vespa , launched in the late 1940’s with its captivating style, became the darling subject of high fashion , photography shoots & a mainstay of iconic style till today, and it’s rare sight in Singapore nowadays!

The 1950’s Hollywood film ” Roman Holiday ” featuring Audrey Hepburn and her greenish Vespa is one those movie scenes that catapulted her career success and launched the Vespa into a cult classic.

Anywhere with a little space can always welcome this ultra chic Italian Scooter! How about doing something totally different for your upcoming birthday party or event? If you have not made up your mind, you might want to pull off the most chic event ever – by renting an Italian Vespa Scooter with sidecar for your event!


Relive the Roman Holiday experience by renting a vespa scooter just like the one in this movie poster in Singapore!

Here are just 3 darn cool reasons to rent a Vespa Sidecar in Singapore- Besides being Singapore’s most hipster family goal!

vespa scooter for rent

Italian scooter brings out coolness vibe in any photo shoot!

  1. You can Rent a Vespa Sidecar for your birthday / wedding / fashion photo shoots. People simply couldn’t resist anything vintage – including the Vespa & Sidecar! The Vespa with sidecar is small enough to be the perfect backdrop to any photoshoot.Instead of the usual plain backdrop, you can situate the Vespa and Sidecar in the centre and your guests can sit on the vespa or inside the sidecar to pretend they are on a road trip! This creative prop would increase interactions among your guests and allow them to feel the cool vibe that the vespa and sidecar gives off.BONUS: It also comes in retro-chic pastel colours like Pastel Turquoise, not to mention with its really open concept and vibrant colour, it is really easy to get great shots out of this photoshoot session

vespa sidecar for rent

2. Vespa Sidecar rentals for your company Advertising & Marketing Campaign, Promotional roadshows or Corporate Events. If you need something to hype up your event and increase sales leads, this is one of the coolest vehicles you can rent as part of your event props & displays. Use it as a photo opportunity with your company / brand customised logo decaled professionally all over it. People will naturally love to have their photo taken in such a chic vintage ride so your it can be assured that words and of course pictures gets shared easily & naturally !

Vespa Sidecar for rent in Singapore

GUE$$ x A$AP Rocky I.C.C.C.C ( Ice cream Cotton Candy Club ) new label at Canvas Club Singapore, with our VBB Vespa Ice cream Sidecar with GUE$$ decals / Branding, mounted with Light Up 3D Ice cream Prop! ( on 7th July 2017, Singapore 

vespa sidecar with advertisement decals for your company brand & roving event activations !3. Rent a Italian Ice cream Vespa Sidecar to give out cool ice cream in the most chic way ever.


Vespa VBB Ice cream Italian Sidecar for rent

In Singapore,  the mobile ice cream cart on motorcycles still rule the street vending trade here, and since it is really a Vanishing trade in a few more years to come, The peeps at Scoopy’s & Cream, have carried on this mobile ice cream traditions with a touch of style and nostalgia, with the Vespa VBB & Ice cream Gelato Sidecar. This is definitely the most hipster way to serve ice cream with Italian flair, and you can guarantee your giveaway campaign will attract a long queue, lots of attention and photo opportunities with a Vespa Sidecar for rent in Singapore.

Vespa Sidecar Rental

Scoopy’s & Cream
Vespa VBB with Ice cream Sidecar for rent

With its striking but yet calming pastel Turquoise colour is great for balancing and contrasting backgrounds in Photography and films, and of course , we doesn’t look a cute scooter with sidecar that actually serves as a really unique mobile ice cream vehicle that cools off and give sweet tasting moments right?  In Singapore its pretty hard and expensive to own A Vespa with Sidecar , so you may want to consider Vespa sidecar for rent in Singapore/ Rent a Vespa with Sidecar today in Singapore.

vespa sidecar for rent

Vespa VBB sidecar in beautiful pastel turquoise finish.

Vespa Sidecar for Rent please CONTACT US at  Scoopy’s & Cream  +65 63885337 , find us on if you can’t reach us. thank you very much.

Bringing your event to a whole new level with a Volkswagen Kombi

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The Volkswagen Kombi Campervan is one of the most iconic vehicles in today’s modern society. Kombi has always been the symbol of vintage, fashion and style amongst all genres. Be it for the high class or the masses, Kombi has always been the car of choice.


In recent years, the VW kombi van has already been out of production – in particular, the Kombi Type 2. Which also means that you may no longer find brand new version of this type anymore. Hence this only makes it more enticing for you to have them for your upcoming event!

Read on to find out how exactly does a Kombi bring your event to a whole new level: –

  1. Excite your guests with an absolutely fun joyride.

Looking for a vehicle to transport your guests from one venue to another? How about surprising them with a Kombi Van instead of the usual modern vehicle you see on the road.

Make their journey as memorable and exciting as the event itself by renting a Kombi Van to chauffeur your guests around! Allow your guests to experience how it is like to ride in a vehicle that symbolizes fun and excitement throughout the decades.

This experience alone will definitely add more meaning to your event and your guest will definitely cherish them. I mean… how often do you get to see a Kombi van in Singapore? Let alone to be able to RIDE IN IT!

  1. Be different, Rent a Kombi for your Wedding. 


Renting a Kombi van will be perfect for this occasion! As a bride and groom, all you want is to be able to sit inside a spacious vehicle for you to rest comfortably and perhaps even stretch your leg.

Using a Kombi Van as your wedding vehicle is not a common sight in Singapore. Hence if you like to be different from the norm, and perhaps a trendsetter, you can opt to rent a Kombi Van for your wedding! In fact, you could even consider renting a couple more Kombi vans to chauffeur your bridesmaids and guests who will be attending your wedding.

How cool would it be to have a couple of Kombi vans parading down the street of Singapore and making a grand entrance to your reception venue? It will definitely be able to capture the attention of many and kick starts your wedding ceremony with a bang!

  1. Kombi Food Truck.


Apart from transporting people from one destination to another, there are a couple of Kombi Vans out there that can be converted into food trucks too!

Converted campervans can provide you with a whole new way of serving food to your guests (instead of the usual catering buffet you see at events). The concept is similar to those food trucks you have seen around where the food can be cooked and served fresh and warm to the guests on the spot or be prepared beforehand to be served once the guests flock to the trucks.


Some vans also have dedicated areas in the van for the guests to sit and enjoy their food. This would definitely add to the authenticity of the Kombi experience. Alternatively, canopies can also be set up outside the van, together with some tables and chairs placed under the canopy to create a dining area for guests to dine comfortably.

Perfect times for Kombi Rentals.

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Kombi Rental – If there’s one thing that can change the mood of any event, that would be a Vintage Volkswagen Kombi Rental ! Sure, at first glance, who would care about having an old kombi van present, right? You can create a refreshing vibe to your event, and an Kombi Van should definitely be present in the moment, its gotta be its all LOVE & PEACE !

Then, How and When exactly do you need a Vintage Volkswagen Kombi? Here are some recommended perfect opportunities to bring it in ” Rock & Roll “.

1. Actual Day Weddings Kombi Rentals.

kombi rental

Peach Kombi T2 Bay Window Kombi with Bridal Decor

Classc Kombi Rentals for a wedding is becoming popular these days, A Vintage kombi as a bridal car gives your special day a unique vibe, and it also adds a sense of romance in the wedding atmosphere, besides.- there are so many modern cars on the road, so having something realllllly dated and iconic would easily rock the scene!
Since it offers a timeless look, opting for a Kombi rental in Singapore makes the whole wedding look way grandiose & interesting, also including a dedicated driver / chauffeur , offering convenience and a day to enjoy the moment- even if it was organized using a modest budget!

So yes, if you are thinking of a way to make a wedding look totally cool & hippie but not as expensive, then this is one of the items to invest on, not to mention, most Kombis are designed to be practical transportation vehicles that can take anywhere from 5 to 11 pax, Wedding Kombis are also usually decked out with Air Conditioning in hot tropical countries like Singapore & Malaysia !

2. Pre-wedding day Photoshoots Kombi Rentals

kombi rental

VW Highroof Commercial Van hire for Wedding Photoshoot.

Prewedding day Photoshoots are also great times in which a Vintage Kombi Microbus is especially valued . This is because using an old campervan brings back the nostalgia shared by the participants back in the good old days – as they celebrate the new milestone of life together.

Having such a vintage Kombi present will also remind the guests when and how the love between the couple started and how they managed to keep the feeling blooming throughout the years.

It is best if you choose a Kombi Rental that with style & colour that you love, this way, and share your story to your guests by simply riding in it , which totally represents a totally different ideal as a couple, from the usual modern cars which are commonplace today.

Get your special day immortalised by having it in your photoshoot and wedding day albums, you’ll have plenty of great memories to look back to, in years to come.

3. Corporate event Promotional Kombi Rental

kombi rental

VW T1 Microbus by Scoopy’s & Cream for Korean Skincare Brand BELIF @ Scape Singapore 2016

Who would have thought that Classic Kombis are of great practical use – which are just awesome advertising roadshows & events?
If you happen to be doing a brand or product launch and would be doing it in an outdoor venue, then it’s just right to use a vintage car.

You might as well go for a Kombi Rental, as it can be converted into a pop-up store or mobile restaurant wherein you can bring in your audience to taste your goods, or provide comfortable seats for them as your program takes place.

It can carry your crew and equipment on the go, and conveniently drop off and deploy into a mobile promotional pop-up booth!
You may also use other vintage car types, such as a BMC Austin Mini Cooper or a Volkswagen Beetle, and even a Italian Scooter Vespa with Sidecar – if you want to give your brand the ultimate hipster entrance & display during the event.

These vehicles may be used as props during your launch presentations, or if you have specific production numbers to showcase to your guests.

Vespa Sidecar Rental

Scoopy’s & Cream
Vespa VBB with Ice cream Sidecar

4. Videos & Commercial Kombi rentals.


Kombi Rentals becoming popular in music videos, AVPs, and other types of video material, including advertisements. This is because they create a cool and hipster vibe in the setting, which easily attracts viewers. Classic cars are also ideal if the video material you are creating involves a specific genre.
It would be best that you tweak your script a bit so that when you add the car to the set, it would still be connected to the overall story line. You may also come up with related accessories so that the car would not look out of place during the shoot.
You don’t exactly have to buy a vintage car for events; there are Vintage car rentals in Singapore wherein you can choose the type of dated vehicle to use for your specific event, and use them for a few hours during the day.