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IcecreamVan Vintage VW @ Autoculture Car Clubs meetup 1st April 2017 Turf Club

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Ice cream Van #supericecreamtruck @ Scoopy’s & Cream

Vintage VW Highroof Ice cream Van Singapore

@ #Autoculture Mega Car Club meetup on 1st April 2017 – Location Turf Club Singapore

About 300 to 400 Cars all over Singapore gathered at this Event, All motorheads were invited – particularly Japanese styled Fast & Furious Mods & Supercars were present – and of course our quite slow ( max speed 90 to 100 KM/H ) and perhaps the oldest vehicle present – our literally cool VW Ice cream Highroof Kombi.

Our Company mission is to bring love & peace among groups & communities through Ice cream Vending, in a old but refreshing twist, esp in Sunny Singapore, where old cars are getting rarer and cool culture is gettin’ lesser’ !

ice cream van singapore

Arrived at Turf Club at 2pm on 1st April 2017 Ice cream vw van by Scoopy’s & Cream,

ice cream menu ice cream prop

Ice cream flavours of the day! check out more flavours on their ice cream menu here

Due to its location, and convenience for all members to get refreshments, our Ice cream Van was deployed !

VW ice cream Van Singapore

We met some old friends there from the automotive industry such as car garages etc,

ice cream van singapore

young ice cream vendor serving ice cream to another young boy with his Dad.

ice cream van singapore

SOLD a Lemonade ice cream sherbet!

VW Beetle

perhaps the next oldest vehicle present, besides us of course ! 😉 This beetle reminds us of TRANSFORMERS Bumblebee, when he wasn’t a pumped up Chevy!

ice cream van singapore

Ac members streaming in after parking

ice cream van singapore

Crowd forming to buy icecream

Ice cream party

looks like its gonna be an ice cream party soon ~

ice cream van singapore

ice cream always bring people together!

ice cream vendor singapore

Perhaps the youngest Ice cream Vendors gonna keep this trade alive!

ice cream vendor singapore

young ice cream vendor dishes out !

ice cream vendor singapore

young ice cream vendor still hustlin’ , his sister getting the crowd with the ole ice cream bell!

Scoopy's & Cream

family enjoying ice cream!

Whilst this ice cream Van Singapore was parked at the sides, heres the main attraction! check out supercool cars here: