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February 2017

Vespa Sidecar for rent in Singapore

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Looking for a Vespa Sidecar for rent in Singapore?

The cult classic Italian Scooter – The Vespa , launched in the late 1940’s with its captivating style, became the darling subject of high fashion , photography shoots & a mainstay of iconic style till today, and it’s rare sight in Singapore nowadays!

The 1950’s Hollywood film ” Roman Holiday ” featuring Audrey Hepburn and her greenish Vespa is one those movie scenes that catapulted her career success and launched the Vespa into a cult classic.

Anywhere with a little space can always welcome this ultra chic Italian Scooter! How about doing something totally different for your upcoming birthday party or event? If you have not made up your mind, you might want to pull off the most chic event ever – by renting an Italian Vespa Scooter with sidecar for your event!


Relive the Roman Holiday experience by renting a vespa scooter just like the one in this movie poster in Singapore!

Here are just 3 darn cool reasons to rent a Vespa Sidecar in Singapore- Besides being Singapore’s most hipster family goal!

vespa scooter for rent

Italian scooter brings out coolness vibe in any photo shoot!

  1. You can Rent a Vespa Sidecar for your birthday / wedding / fashion photo shoots. People simply couldn’t resist anything vintage – including the Vespa & Sidecar! The Vespa with sidecar is small enough to be the perfect backdrop to any photoshoot.Instead of the usual plain backdrop, you can situate the Vespa and Sidecar in the centre and your guests can sit on the vespa or inside the sidecar to pretend they are on a road trip! This creative prop would increase interactions among your guests and allow them to feel the cool vibe that the vespa and sidecar gives off.BONUS: It also comes in retro-chic pastel colours like Pastel Turquoise, not to mention with its really open concept and vibrant colour, it is really easy to get great shots out of this photoshoot session

vespa sidecar for rent

2. Vespa Sidecar rentals for your company Advertising & Marketing Campaign, Promotional roadshows or Corporate Events. If you need something to hype up your event and increase sales leads, this is one of the coolest vehicles you can rent as part of your event props & displays. Use it as a photo opportunity with your company / brand customised logo decaled professionally all over it. People will naturally love to have their photo taken in such a chic vintage ride so your it can be assured that words and of course pictures gets shared easily & naturally !

Vespa Sidecar for rent in Singapore

GUE$$ x A$AP Rocky I.C.C.C.C ( Ice cream Cotton Candy Club ) new label at Canvas Club Singapore, with our VBB Vespa Ice cream Sidecar with GUE$$ decals / Branding, mounted with Light Up 3D Ice cream Prop! ( on 7th July 2017, Singapore 

vespa sidecar with advertisement decals for your company brand & roving event activations !3. Rent a Italian Ice cream Vespa Sidecar to give out cool ice cream in the most chic way ever.


Vespa VBB Ice cream Italian Sidecar for rent

In Singapore,  the mobile ice cream cart on motorcycles still rule the street vending trade here, and since it is really a Vanishing trade in a few more years to come, The peeps at Scoopy’s & Cream, have carried on this mobile ice cream traditions with a touch of style and nostalgia, with the Vespa VBB & Ice cream Gelato Sidecar. This is definitely the most hipster way to serve ice cream with Italian flair, and you can guarantee your giveaway campaign will attract a long queue, lots of attention and photo opportunities with a Vespa Sidecar for rent in Singapore.

Vespa Sidecar Rental

Scoopy’s & Cream
Vespa VBB with Ice cream Sidecar for rent

With its striking but yet calming pastel Turquoise colour is great for balancing and contrasting backgrounds in Photography and films, and of course , we doesn’t look a cute scooter with sidecar that actually serves as a really unique mobile ice cream vehicle that cools off and give sweet tasting moments right?  In Singapore its pretty hard and expensive to own A Vespa with Sidecar , so you may want to consider Vespa sidecar for rent in Singapore/ Rent a Vespa with Sidecar today in Singapore.

vespa sidecar for rent

Vespa VBB sidecar in beautiful pastel turquoise finish.

Vespa Sidecar for Rent please CONTACT US at  Scoopy’s & Cream  +65 63885337 , find us on if you can’t reach us. thank you very much.