Bringing your event to a whole new level with a Volkswagen Kombi

By December 20, 2016 Uncategorized

The Volkswagen Kombi Campervan is one of the most iconic vehicles in today’s modern society. Kombi has always been the symbol of vintage, fashion and style amongst all genres. Be it for the high class or the masses, Kombi has always been the car of choice.


In recent years, the VW kombi van has already been out of production – in particular, the Kombi Type 2. Which also means that you may no longer find brand new version of this type anymore. Hence this only makes it more enticing for you to have them for your upcoming event!

Read on to find out how exactly does a Kombi bring your event to a whole new level: –

  1. Excite your guests with an absolutely fun joyride.

Looking for a vehicle to transport your guests from one venue to another? How about surprising them with a Kombi Van instead of the usual modern vehicle you see on the road.

Make their journey as memorable and exciting as the event itself by renting a Kombi Van to chauffeur your guests around! Allow your guests to experience how it is like to ride in a vehicle that symbolizes fun and excitement throughout the decades.

This experience alone will definitely add more meaning to your event and your guest will definitely cherish them. I mean… how often do you get to see a Kombi van in Singapore? Let alone to be able to RIDE IN IT!

  1. Be different, Rent a Kombi for your Wedding. 


Renting a Kombi van will be perfect for this occasion! As a bride and groom, all you want is to be able to sit inside a spacious vehicle for you to rest comfortably and perhaps even stretch your leg.

Using a Kombi Van as your wedding vehicle is not a common sight in Singapore. Hence if you like to be different from the norm, and perhaps a trendsetter, you can opt to rent a Kombi Van for your wedding! In fact, you could even consider renting a couple more Kombi vans to chauffeur your bridesmaids and guests who will be attending your wedding.

How cool would it be to have a couple of Kombi vans parading down the street of Singapore and making a grand entrance to your reception venue? It will definitely be able to capture the attention of many and kick starts your wedding ceremony with a bang!

  1. Kombi Food Truck.


Apart from transporting people from one destination to another, there are a couple of Kombi Vans out there that can be converted into food trucks too!

Converted campervans can provide you with a whole new way of serving food to your guests (instead of the usual catering buffet you see at events). The concept is similar to those food trucks you have seen around where the food can be cooked and served fresh and warm to the guests on the spot or be prepared beforehand to be served once the guests flock to the trucks.


Some vans also have dedicated areas in the van for the guests to sit and enjoy their food. This would definitely add to the authenticity of the Kombi experience. Alternatively, canopies can also be set up outside the van, together with some tables and chairs placed under the canopy to create a dining area for guests to dine comfortably.

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