Kombi Rental – If there’s one thing that can change the mood of any event, that would be a Vintage Volkswagen Kombi Rental ! Sure, at first glance, who would care about having an old kombi van present, right? You can create a refreshing vibe to your event, and an Kombi Van should definitely be present in the moment, its gotta be its all LOVE & PEACE !

Then, How and When exactly do you need a Vintage Volkswagen Kombi? Here are some recommended perfect opportunities to bring it in ” Rock & Roll “.

1. Actual Day Weddings Kombi Rentals.

kombi rental

Peach Kombi T2 Bay Window Kombi with Bridal Decor

Classc Kombi Rentals for a wedding is becoming popular these days, A Vintage kombi as a bridal car gives your special day a unique vibe, and it also adds a sense of romance in the wedding atmosphere, besides.- there are so many modern cars on the road, so having something realllllly dated and iconic would easily rock the scene!
Since it offers a timeless look, opting for a Kombi rental in Singapore makes the whole wedding look way grandiose & interesting, also including a dedicated driver / chauffeur , offering convenience and a day to enjoy the moment- even if it was organized using a modest budget!

So yes, if you are thinking of a way to make a wedding look totally cool & hippie but not as expensive, then this is one of the items to invest on, not to mention, most Kombis are designed to be practical transportation vehicles that can take anywhere from 5 to 11 pax, Wedding Kombis are also usually decked out with Air Conditioning in hot tropical countries like Singapore & Malaysia !

2. Pre-wedding day Photoshoots Kombi Rentals

kombi rental

VW Highroof Commercial Van hire for Wedding Photoshoot.

Prewedding day Photoshoots are also great times in which a Vintage Kombi Microbus is especially valued . This is because using an old campervan brings back the nostalgia shared by the participants back in the good old days – as they celebrate the new milestone of life together.

Having such a vintage Kombi present will also remind the guests when and how the love between the couple started and how they managed to keep the feeling blooming throughout the years.

It is best if you choose a Kombi Rental that with style & colour that you love, this way, and share your story to your guests by simply riding in it , which totally represents a totally different ideal as a couple, from the usual modern cars which are commonplace today.

Get your special day immortalised by having it in your photoshoot and wedding day albums, you’ll have plenty of great memories to look back to, in years to come.

3. Corporate event Promotional Kombi Rental

kombi rental

VW T1 Microbus by Scoopy’s & Cream for Korean Skincare Brand BELIF @ Scape Singapore 2016

Who would have thought that Classic Kombis are of great practical use – which are just awesome advertising roadshows & events?
If you happen to be doing a brand or product launch and would be doing it in an outdoor venue, then it’s just right to use a vintage car.

You might as well go for a Kombi Rental, as it can be converted into a pop-up store or mobile restaurant wherein you can bring in your audience to taste your goods, or provide comfortable seats for them as your program takes place.

It can carry your crew and equipment on the go, and conveniently drop off and deploy into a mobile promotional pop-up booth!
You may also use other vintage car types, such as a BMC Austin Mini Cooper or a Volkswagen Beetle, and even a Italian Scooter Vespa with Sidecar – if you want to give your brand the ultimate hipster entrance & display during the event.

These vehicles may be used as props during your launch presentations, or if you have specific production numbers to showcase to your guests.

Vespa Sidecar Rental

Scoopy’s & Cream
Vespa VBB with Ice cream Sidecar

4. Videos & Commercial Kombi rentals.


Kombi Rentals becoming popular in music videos, AVPs, and other types of video material, including advertisements. This is because they create a cool and hipster vibe in the setting, which easily attracts viewers. Classic cars are also ideal if the video material you are creating involves a specific genre.
It would be best that you tweak your script a bit so that when you add the car to the set, it would still be connected to the overall story line. You may also come up with related accessories so that the car would not look out of place during the shoot.
You don’t exactly have to buy a vintage car for events; there are Vintage car rentals in Singapore wherein you can choose the type of dated vehicle to use for your specific event, and use them for a few hours during the day.

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  • Dylan Leong says:

    Hello, do you have a selection of kombis for rental which includes driver etc on the actual wedding day? 1 Sep 2018.

    May i have a quotation?

    • super says:

      Hi Dylan,

      Thanks for your enquiry, we’ll need to know the no. of hours you are looking at and also do you have any wedding colour theme for the groom / bridesman, overall wedding? From here we can give you the rates , please email us at catering@scoopysandcream.com for quicker and official quotation , thank you!

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