Vintage Car Rentals & Kombi VW Van in Singapore


10 Classic VW Kombi Vans, jointly organized by Scoopy’s Transformed Orchard Road into a walking street food festival Vintage Foodtruck Style.

We are a leading local Company for Vintage Car Rentals & Kombi VW Van in Singapore.

Vintage Car Rentals & Kombi VW Van in Singapore – We have on our available fleet of Kombis – More than 12 interesting & different aircooled classic VW Kombis , in a wide variety of colours, types & makes, from a deluxe microbus 23 window Samba Splitscreen T1 model ,


Louis Vuitton SS18 Collection Pop Up 2018 at MBS LV Flagship with our 1956 Volkswagen Microbus Deluxe Samba.

As well as the popular and well recognized type 2 vw t2 bay window kombi transporter, to our highly popular Highroof Ice cream Kombi Van.

Our most popular and widely used service would be our Vintage ” Super Ice Cream Truck “Kombi , codename ” Red Duchess “- a rare Kombi Highroof VW Van restored & brought back to life from the early days, Now repurposed as a Vintage ice cream Kombi Van which serves ice cream of all sorts from well loved Scoopy’s Ice cream, Soft whippy Serves to Italian Gelato, It is also used as a mobile Kombi Photobooth as well a Pop-up concept stall!

Vintage Car Rentals & Kombi VW Van in Singapore

Kombi Photobooth ready to rock @ the Ritz-Carlton Singapore Millenia Walk – parked in the ballroom for the wedding guests with instant photo printing – Vintage Car Rentals & Kombi VW Van in Singapore

Besides our main specialty of Vintage Car Rentals & Kombi VW Van in Singapore which includes – Private functions, Weddings, Commercials, Roadshows & Advertising purposes, We have built our long term friendships & business contacts to add to our fleet of Vintage Car Rentals & Kombi VW Van in Singapore to include:

Vespa & Sidecar 


Vespa with Sidecar ( VBB 1964 )

Vespa Ice cream Sidecar ( VBB 1964 )

Classic Mini 

Classic Mini Rental

Paul Smith Classic Mini

Classic Mini Singapore

Classic Beetle

Classic Beetle (Silver)

Classic Beetle (White)

Classic Beetle (Blue)

Mini Cabriolet 

Pink Cabriolet

Pink Cabriolet ( 2 Girls )

Pink Cabriolet

Classic London Taxi 

London Taxi Pink

London Taxi Grey

London Taxi Grey Maroon

Classic Kombi

Volkswagen T1 Van

Highroof Ice Cream Kombi

T2 Baywindow Kombi

Split 23 Window Samba Sunroof Deluxe

Split Window T1 Camper

VW Samba & VW Highroof

Classic Truck/ Foodtruck 

Citroen H Van HSBC

English BMC JJ Royal

Food Truck Singapore

Food Truck Singapore

Herschel Citroen

Food Truck Singapore

VW Samba @Padang

Other classic models include : Classic Fiat, Jaguar, Mercedes, Rolls-Royce & many more that we are able to source for your event.

Vintage Car Rentals & Kombi VW Van in Singapore,

4 Solid Reasons to Rent a Kombi

Volkswagen campervans are among the most loved vehicles today. First introduced to the general public in 1957, these campervans, known as Kombi, became popular in Europe and the United States for its simple style and spacious interiors. They are also known to be highly functional because they can accommodate several passengers inside, and this was something not common in personal vehicles back in the day.


These days however, the Kombi is now regarded to be a classic since you can no longer find brand new units of this vehicle. The last of the air-cooled Type 2 Kombis were done in 1979, and production has already stopped from there.


But why exactly should you rent a Kombi? Here are 4 solid reasons to consider:


1. It can be used as a mobile Pop-Up Store! There are campervans for rent that are already converted into mobile pop-ups, so you can use them for your business, especially when you want to sell your goods on location. This has become a popular option for people running food stalls who would like to take their business to particular outdoor locations like parks during weekends or specific occasions but do not have their own food truck yet. Renting a campervan to be used as a mobile store or pop-up stall has been found to be a practical way of expanding your business, especially when you’re still new in your chosen industry. This option also allows you to be innovative with the way you sell your goods, as you get to show your customers that you are within their reach.


2. It is the best Automobile Prop in any kind of video material. If you happen to be shooting a video for an AVP, short film, or an advertisement, then you better get hold of a Kombi. This vehicle sure generates buzz among viewers when they see it on film, mainly because it offers a cool, hipster, and nostalgic ambiance.

Having this type of vehicle would be a great accessory in a 70’s or 80’s inspired short film or AVP, as these are the times when the campervan was its peak of fame. You can also use it as an outdoor prop in case you want to create a campsite setting for your scenes.


3. It is also the best backdrop for a hipster Photo Shoot. A lot of photo shoots are done outdoors due to the natural lighting and the presence of trees, flowers, and buildings as backdrops. However, if you want to add something unique in your background settings, then this vehicle would definitely do the trick.

You can have the Kombi parked in a strategic area of your location and start shooting with it on the background. You may even use it as a focal accessory wherein your models can pose with it.

If you intend to get a Kombi for your photo shoot, then you better choose one that comes in a bold shade, such as red, orange, or yellow. These colours help the vehicle become the focal object amidst the natural shades of brown, blue, and green and make your photos pop out more.


4. It is the most comfortable van ever for your Actual Day Wedding Car. Are you hosting an outdoor party? Well, if you want to offer more space for your guests to hang out in, then the Kombi should definitely be present. Being a spacious van, you can offer its seats to your guests who want some shade after spending time in the open air. They can rest in the van or use it as extra seats where they can eat their meals. And yes, at the end of the party, you can use the van to take your guests back to their places of origin via a short road trip.

From our passion of mobile ice cream services, we at Scoopy’s & Cream,, are sharing the love and joy of Ice Cream through the SuperIceCreamTruck!…


A restored VW type2 Bay Window, Volkswagen Kombi Highroof campervan, our vintage ice cream truck is now all set to serve luscious ice cream to just about everyone on the road.


The SuperIceCreamTruck stays true to its vintage roots, and has had its own history. From being a highway regular, this VW Van was later used as a food truck until it retired 7 years ago.


But after having it restored to its former glory, it’s now back on the road-this time to bring in the smiles to all the ice cream lovers out there-as a vintage Ice cream Truck!


We lovingly named it “Red Duchess,” as it is most likely the only Highroof Volkswagen Kombi Van alive and running in the Singapore/West Malaysia region.
And yes, you can say that Duchess is a true beauty brought back to life-and its modern interior setup just lives up to that:

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